NLS is currently seeking international partners in the following countries:





Turkey - skype ogretmenim

Our company offers teaching, training and translation services with both local experts and native speakers. We have British, Turkish and Hungarian at the moment.

We are currently looking for international partners with whom we can work together for mutual benefit.

What we can offer:

  • We will add your company to our website under the heading of 'International Partners'.

  • We will work only with your company in your city.

  • Expand your team without employing more staff.

  • Attract more students/customers by offering native speakers.

The proposal/Options:

  • If your company doesn't have any native speakers or has a teacher shortage you can arrange private lessons or group lessons via Skype with our team.

  • If you don't have translators for Hungarian, Turkish or English you can use our services, all translations are proofread by native speakers.

  • If we need work translating in your language we will prioritise your company.

  • We can offer exclusive discounts.

  • We are open to any other way in which our companies could work together.

We look forward to working with you.